About Us

Mountain Patchwork was established August 13, 2003, though the seed for the business was planted several months earlier.

After attending a quilting class offered through an educational program at my quilt guild, I fell in love with an old traditional quilting method handed down from the Appalachian Mountain Craftspeople, as the story goes.

Shortly afterward, I found a bundle of fabric at a Shop Hop that I just couldn't do without, and formed the idea to use the Double Stitch, along with the new fabric, to create an entry for the annual quilt guild challenge and show. My piece won "Best of Show" in the small quilt category at the Quilt Show, paving the way for the birth of Mountain Patchwork!

Below is a sample of our log cabin block sewn using the Double Stitch (
a simple running stitch...easy to learn...easy to teach...easy to master). This block, when finished as shown, is 4" square. You can see how this simple stitch achieves a warm and primitive look.

Thank you for visiting us here at Mountain Patchwork. We hope you enjoy the art work, kits, and patterns.

Here is a sample log cabin block close-up. This block is 4" square when done.