Mountain Patchwork News http://www.mountainpatchwork.com Mon, 30 Jan 2023 19:46:02 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 March Madness! http://www.mountainpatchwork.com <span style="font-size: 12pt;">We are celebrating with a special promotion for March. &nbsp; No, nothing green, &nbsp;just savings for you. Order 3 patterns from the website and use the coupon code&nbsp;<strong>Mar2016</strong>&nbsp;when checking out, and you will receive a $9.00 credit. &nbsp;That is getting a pattern for free....Whoopee!</span> Back from Spring Market http://www.mountainpatchwork.com <span style="font-size: larger;">Wow, what a trip to Pittsburgh, PA for Spring Quilt Market! <br /> <br /> So many stores to visit with and then trying to get around to see all the new fabrics and trends.&nbsp; Exhausting doesn't even begin to describe those 4 days.&nbsp; But what better place to be immersed in the fabric arts with hundreds of like minded people, I love it.<br /> <br /> I will post a few pictures soon.&nbsp; The two new patterns, Pumpkin Patch and Garden Gate did well at Market and the feedback from the stores was very positive.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Should be a busy summer, be safe, and Happy Stitching!&nbsp; <br /> Remember, where ever you go, the Double Stitch is easy to take and do.<br /> </span><br /> HERE WE GO AGAIN! http://www.mountainpatchwork.com <span style="font-family: Tahoma;"><span style="font-size: larger;"><br /> Spring Quilt Market is almost here and Mountain Patchwork will be off to Pittsburgh, PA. !<br /> <br /> We have 2 new patterns for Market - Garden Gate &amp; Pumpkin Patch.&nbsp; We are so excited, we have alot going on this year and can you believe it is already May?&nbsp; Whew!<br /> <br /> Enjoy your Spring, love your Summer, and remember...Happy Stitching!<br /> </span></span><br /> Fall Shows http://www.mountainpatchwork.com Well, can you believe how quickly the summer has gone?<br /> <br /> We are headed to the Spokane Quilt Show in Spokane Valley, Washington in October.&nbsp; This is a wonderful show if you are anywhere nearby.&nbsp; They have fabulous quilts - over 500 - and the frendliest worker bees.&nbsp; We will be there with, patterns, kits, buttons, and maybe a few surprises.&nbsp; The dates for the show are Fri, October 18th through Sunday, October 20th at the Spokane Fairgrounds.&nbsp; This is the only retail show we go to.&nbsp; We love the feedback from everybody and enjoy when we can sit and sew a bit with those that are fearful of handwork.&nbsp; Easy, quick and fun....right!?&nbsp; No stress, warm and primitive, we love it.<br /> <br /> We are also headed for Fall Quilt Market in Houston at the end of October.&nbsp; We are waiting patiently for the new patterns to be printed and shipped.&nbsp; Market is always a busy, busy weekend making sure the stores have what they need to make all their customers happy and excited.&nbsp; If you have a favorite store and they don't carry our patterns, let them know to come visit us at Market and see our demonstration!&nbsp; And if you have a store, please come by and visit and see some small, completeable projects you can carry in your store.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the continued support and feedback.&nbsp; Our website has been a work in progress for the past few months, but I think we are getting there.&nbsp; Enjoy your Fall and the entire Harvest Season.<br /> <br /> Kathleen<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Spring Quilt Market - Portland, OR http://www.mountainpatchwork.com We had a wonderful time at Quilt Market this past May in sunny/rainy Portland.&nbsp; We enjoyed the time visiting with the store owners that stopped by and catching up with old friends.<br /> <br /> The inspiration is brimming when at Market and there is no shortage of people to bounce ideas off of.&nbsp; We hope to have a pattern or two in a few magazines this next year, so keep a look out!&nbsp; <br />